Playing God

Is mitochondrial replacement therapy a case of hubris¹?

you decide

Some people say that this procedure is another indication of hubris by “man playing god.” Such an ethical dilemma is attached to procedures that technologically manipulate the fate of individuals. However, their opposition believes that procedures, such as mitochondrial replacement, is necessary to change the fate of individuals by curing them of mitochondrial disease. Then, another concern comes up: that the approval of this procedure could break open the possibility for creating designer babies, which gives a substantial amount of control by the parents over the child’s fate. At the same time, a particular side thinks that we have learned substantially from our past experiences (i.e. eugenics) to prevent such ludicrous thing to occur. Furthermore, there is a fine line on deciding whether risk or caution should be applied on such new procedures. The questions below should lead you to the arguments that may help you to decide by voting day.

If allowed, would this lead to more controversial policies?
→The case of designer babies.

Have we fully understood this procedure?
Exploring the possible negative effects of this procedure.

Are there trans-generational issues?
Questions on heritable consequences.

Could the approval of this procedure be a careless step that could do more harm than good?
A precautionary principle.

¹Hubris a great or foolish amount of pride or confidence; exaggerated pride or self-confidence



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